Eva kant

Eva’s colors of life

Eva Kant is a young artist who has always faced challenges in life. Through her art, she shares with us her wondrous inner life, filled with color and hope.

Born in Los Angeles in 2001, to a Swiss mother and an American father, Eva has lived in Geneva since 2004. Since the age of 2, Eva has been suffering from nocturnal epilepsy and developmental disabilities. Interactions with others are hindered by her condition.

However, from the age of 10, it is through painting and sculpture that she has found “her voice”. In a state of creative grace, Eva channels her emotions and lends substance to her acute sensitivity to the outside world through her art, in a particular form of synesthesia. Clay, acrylic paint, neo-color, pencil are all media used in her process of intuitive expression. She shares with us her essence: light, the paths of life, water and the sun.

Tell her about what her works inspire in you and you will see her eyes brighten with joy and the stars.